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The International Studies Program offers students individualized advising sessions, to enable each student to maximize the benefits he/she can derive from the major, as well as to ensure that the student makes the appropriate course and extra-curricular choices that best fit his/her career and life goals.

Please make sure to meet with your International Studies adviser before scheduling for classes each semester, for specific course recommendations that meet the major requirements, as well as to discover academic and career opportunities available to International Studies majors.

Advising information:

  • Dr. Kenneth J. Grieb - International Studies Program Coordinator

Sage Hall 3440
(920) 424-1291

  • Peer Advisors - Student Advisors of the International Studies Program

Sage Hall 3442
(920) 424-1291

Below are links for sample advising sheets that will help students understand how to build an International Studies major, choosing from approximately 200 courses offered.



Additionally, the student may download the blank forms by clicking here, to keep track of progress towards an International Studies major.


International Studies Program Home

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If you would like to learn more about the International Studies Program, please contact our advisors.

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