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Web Analytics

As a part of the University Website Redesign project the implementation of a campus-wide web analytics solution has begun. Google Analytics has been installed on the top layer of the University website.  This tool is providing valuable insight into the behavior of the visitors that come to the website. It's currently being used to assess information such as where visitors are going on the site, what areas of the site are most visited, how long visitors are staying on the site, and where is the traffic coming from. 

The data collected since the implementation of Google Analytics until the launch of the new website will be used as a benchmark, upon the launch of the newly redesigned website this data will allow us to show measurable results.

We will compare metrics such as:

  • The percentage of traffic coming from search engines to gauge how successful Search Engine Optimization efforts are

  • The amount of time being spent on the site to gauge the effectiveness of our navigation and usability

  • Top areas of the site being visited to gauge what content is most relevant

  • Top areas of the site being abandoned by visitors to gauge any problem areas on the site

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