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Development Timeline


The University Website Redesign will happen in phases. The first phase consists of the "marketing" layer of the site. This is the home page and first several layers of the site. These pages are the primary pages that reach out to our audiences (prospective students, prospective faculty and staff, alumni, the community, etc.).

Along with the marketing layer, College of Education/Human Services and the Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement have chosen to be "early adopters" of the new site structure.


The following outlines the high-level project timeline for Phase 1:

December 2006 - Ongoing

Best Practice Research, Competitive Analysis, Website Research, Brand Research.

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June 8-July 3, 2008

Content Management Selection — the decision was made to utilize Plone as the campus-wide tool for Web site creation and maintenance.

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July 17 - September 5, 2008

Graphic Design Vendor Selection — an RFP process to select an agency to design the new look and feel of the University website.

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 September 8 - October 24, 2008

Work with vendor to finalize the design for University website and receive final format for development. This time frame also includes the development of content and page designs for new site.

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October 27 - December 15, 2008

Technical development of new website, including implementation of new design and the page creation using Plone.

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December 15 - December 19, 2008

User testing and debugging of the new University site.

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December 18, 2008

Phase 1 of website Redesign goes live for beta testing.

Next Step

January 5, 2009

Campus announcement of site launch requesting feedback.

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January 16, 2009


Phase 1 of website Redesign goes live.

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February 2009


Phase 2 website prioritization began. To see the progress of the project visit the list of sites completed


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