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Development Milestones

Development Milestones

  • Dec 18, 2008  Phase 1 of the University Website project soft-launched.  The new home page and 2-3 layers of the website became available for campus testing and feedback.  Hundreds of responses were submitted from all audience groups and many changes to the site were made based on the feedback.


  • January 16, 2009  Phase 1 of the University Website project launched.  The new home page and top layers went live and became the new University home page.  Feedback continued to be submitted and site changes were made based on website visitor suggestions.


  • January 2009  Phase 2 begins. The web team, consisting of IMC and IT, began working closely with Provost Al Hartman to document the remaining University's sites scheduled to be part of the University Website project.


  • February 2009  Prioritization.  Provost Al Hartman began working closely with the University's Senior Leadership team to prioritize the remaining websites.


  • February-March 2009 College sites.  Website Redesign projects began/continued for the UW Oshkosh College sites including COEHS, CON, COB and COLS.  Development of the we site for LLCE also began.


  • April 2009 - Launch of LLCE site.


  • June 2009 - Launch of College of Education/Human Services site.  Beginning of workshops given by IMC/IT for those on campus who want to build a website themselves.


  • July 2009 - Launch of College of Nursing site.


  • September 2009 - Launch of College of Business site.


  • October 2009 - Launch of College of Letters and Science site.


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