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Content Management System

Content Management System

The University formed a task force and went through a selection process for a campus-wide content management system.  A comparison was done between Plone and Paperthin's Common Spot, which has been adopted by several UW schools.  Based on technology needs for the website redesign project and feedback from IT, IMC and the academic community, the decision was made to move forward with Plone as the campus-wide content management system. This technology will allow updates to be done to a website without the need for Web programming or additional software.

A great deal of time was spent by the CMS Task Force comparing the two technologies and discussing what was in the best interest of the campus.  Great weight was put on the fact that a population of campus has been utilizing Plone successfully.

Plone has proven to be an extremely easy-to-use tool and has been well received by campus early adopters. We're very excited to be offering this technology campus-wide, and it will be rolled out in conjunction with the new University website.

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