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Development Description

The goal of the University website project is to create an online brand for UW Oshkosh, consisting of a new look and feel for the website, in addition to a "voice" and navigational structure. An online brand will launch the University forward in its marketing and help us reach our goals as an institution. 

Some of the goals of our website are:

  • Recruiting students

  • Raising donations

  • Advocacy

  • Internships/clinicals

  • Recruiting faculty

  • Building relationships with the community

In addition to creating the online brand, the project includes the campus-wide roll out of a content management system (CMS). This technology allows a user to log into a section of their website using their Web browser and easily edit their content. This eliminates the need for additional software, and it eliminates the need to understand Web programming. The campus has selected Plone as the content management tool with which to build the University site.

The involvement and feedback of the institution will be critical in the success of this very large project. A campus working group will be formed to provide feedback and direction, this group will represent each area of the University and contribute essential guidance and content.  This project cannot succeed without the collaboration and expertise of each department, college and unit at UW Oshkosh. In addition to the working group each area of campus will be worked with individually to create an effective Web presence and resources will be available to assist in the design and creation of each website.

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