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Step Three: Website Go-Live

Going-live means replacing your existing site with the new site Web address ("URL"), or if you did not have a site, this will make the new site available to the public.

Before requesting the Website goes live, the following steps are recommended:


1. Verify all needed content from the existing site has been transferred to the new site.

2. Check that all folders, pages, files and images are in the correct "state" (published vs. private).

3. Check that any content that should be private is indeed private (not publicly visible).

4. Read and edit all the content and verify grammar and spelling, ideally including search engine keywords where possible.

5. Have the necessary people within your unit review and approve the site, as well as test for broken images and links.

6. If needed, inform your user community of the site go-live date. They may need to update bookmarks and links to the new site.

7. When ready, let IMC know by either e-mailing Jamie Ceman ( or calling (920-424-0821).

You can choose a specific date, or you can tell us to proceed as soon as possible. You can also request Web analytics be installed on your site at that time.

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