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Step One: Workshops

A website is made up of content, enhanced by imagery and pulled together by strong navigation. With this in mind the Self-Service Program contains a workshop which gives you the necessary tools to create an effective website that will help you achieve your goals. 

If you wish to migrate your site to the new University design and begin using the Plone content management system you may designate a person from your area to participate in a workshop. Upon completion of the workshop, the attendee may request a website template for your unit.


Two-part Workshop

Before you build a new website or redesign a current site there is a great deal of research and planning to be done. Learn how to perform research and establish a site layout and structure that will help you achieve your goals.

The second part of this workshop gives you the training you need to actually create your site using Plone, the easy-to-use campus content management system.

You will leave the workshop armed with the information you need to structure and create an effective Web site for your department, unit or program.


Registration will be open soon.

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