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Options For Web Requests

The University has 400 websites at last count and that number grows each day. Given the resources available, we are unable to give detailed attention to each website. Sites in later phases of the University Website Project are no less important but did not meet the following criteria:

Phases 1-3 include sites that:

  • Receive the majority of traffic from external visitors (prospective students, alumni, community members)

  • Provide services that affect the majority of campus, and/or

  • Have not been recently updated or redesigned


If affected units wish to migrate sooner to the new design and begin using the Plone content management system, there is an alternative self-service option for which a unit will need to do the following:

  1. Dedicate someone (the "Web manager") to populate the website and manage the content.

  2. Make a request using the form at

  3. Have the Web manager receive website Structure and Plone training (see Workshop information).


In the meantime, if you wish to have your website migrated to the new design, please complete the request form at Your project will be scheduled once a site manager has been identified and has received Plone training.

The University’s Web presence is a multi-tiered, complex project. We will continue to identity ways to meet your individual needs within our resource constraints.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to build a Web presence that best serves the many needs of campus while supporting the institution’s focus to recruit, retain and inform our diverse constituencies.

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