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Web and New Media

The Web and New Media team is dedicated to the strategic development of your Web presence. In partnership with Information Technology, the Web Team is leading the University's Website efforts. In addition to a website, your web presence should incorporate new ways people interact including social media, video, blogging and more. Consider your full web presence in your marketing and communication strategy, and let IMC help!

Do you need a website?

Allow the Web team to work with you to create or improve your Web presence. We are here to help you with your website from start to finish.

  • Web strategy with an e-marketing approach
  • Web design to leverage the University identity while showcasing what makes your program distinct
  • Content writing/editing with a focus on search-engine optimization
  • Development of your site in an easy-to-use content management system (Plone)
  • Can't wait for the IMC department, use the Self-Service program

Are you ready to engage is social media? Your audiences are!

  • Find out what you can do to incorporate social media into your department or program
  • Let IMC help with incorporating more interactivity in your communication. Should you be blogging? Is Facebook worth it? Could I just let IMC post on the University's social media sites when I have an announcement?
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