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The Integrated Marketing and Communications office is dedicated to the support and promotion of the work done by UW Oshkosh faculty. We strive to provide tools and services to faculty that assists in program marketing and communications, promotion of events as well as recognition of faculty expertise, research and work.


UW Oshkosh Today

UW Oshkosh Today ( serves as an all-in-one portal for anyone looking for institutional news, campus events and features about the individuals who make the University such a dynamic place to learn, work and live. Submit ideas!


Media Assistance

Media Relations can help faculty and administrators to prepare for media appearances. Among the services provided are: staging mock interviews, image consulting and help dealing with hostile questioning. For assistance contact


Event Promotion

You have the information and we have the megaphone! There are many options to assist you in event promotion: Communication Channels.


Program Marketing

As the integrated marketing and communication department within the University, IMC acts as an in-house creative agency for departments, colleges and programs. Creative Services provides development and production of top-quality web and print communications. Request a project now!


Marketing Templates

IMC offers a number of templates that you can use to create effective printed brochures and posters that promote a UW Oshkosh program or event. The templates reflect the UW Oshkosh branding guidelines and serve as a starting point for your marketing efforts. Visit the library of templates to download what you need.

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