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Web Site Request Form

Welcome. We're here to help you with your website, mobile and social needs in support of the UW Oshkosh brand.
We are in the process of creating a new University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Web site; therefore, we ask that if your Web request is not critical that you consider waiting until the University Web Site Project affects your college, department or office. If you have a critical need, we will be taking these requests and scheduling them for development. We look forward to working with you on your Web presence!

If you have any questions on website development, please contact Shawn Hansen, Senior Web Developer, at

Please review our Web guidelines and policy:

Who is the primary audience? (eg. prospective students or alumni) What does the audience need and expect to find in the website? Is there a secondary audience and how are they different?
What are the goals of the Web site? What are you trying to achieve? Are there different goals for different audiences?
What is the address of our existing site?
Detail what work is being requested, along with the critical need. Example: Is there an event with a firm date?
Do you require any advanced functionality such as an Intranet, workflow, online forms, data pulled from Peoplesoft or other dynamic content? Please detail to the best of your ability.
The Web site should be live no later than what date and what is the reason for this date?

After a project is submitted, a project team is assigned in our department's weekly production meeting. The project is then scheduled in our project management system and given to the project manager of the project team. The project manager will contact you about two weeks after the project was submitted.

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