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New Usage Guidelines for the University Logo

The wordmark is now the primary identifier of UW Oshkosh. This page includes guidelines for using the new University wordmark.

The wordmark is now the primary identifier of the University.

In the past, the logo served as the primary identifier, and often appeared in tandem with a wordmark. This will no longer be the case. Instead, the logo - with its strong connotations of history and tradition - has been elevated and will primarily be used for special and noteworthy circumstances. For example, the logo will be used on diplomas, official University documents, recognition certificates, institutional publications, etc.

The logo and the wordmark should not appear in proximity to each other. Generally, that means they should not appear on the same document surface (e.g., the front panel of a brochure). An exception applies to University Web pages, where the wordmark and the logo appear on the same page.

In addition, it is not recommended for the logo and wordmark to appear in the same document (e.g. the wordmark appearing on the front cover of a brochure and the logo on the back). If University identification is needed on two sides of a document, only the wordmark or logo should be used on each side. Note: Use of the wordmark is preferred, except for noted exceptions. 

The University tagline is never to be used in conjunction with the University logo.


New Modifications to the Logo

While at first glance the logo may appear unchanged from past versions, in 2010 the logo was refreshed with subtle, but significant changes to typography and illustration.

It would be costly and time-consuming to immediately update all University communication materials that feature the old logo. It is therefore recommended that as you revise materials for other reasons, or as you exhaust present inventory, you begin to use the new logo. Let efficiency and judicious use of University resources guide your decisions.

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