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Using Visual and Verbal Brand Elements on the Web

Our wordmark, logo and tagline are used on the University website, per the following guidelines.

The wordmark is incorporated into the University website template. It appears in a fixed position on every page of the site and is not removable or modifiable. (See "University Website Template")

The logo also is part of the template, appearing at the bottom right of each page. It is not removable or modifiable. (Note: While the wordmark and logo do not appear together on the same surface in print documents, they do appear together on the same Web page. This is because the logo is "below the fold" — i.e., visible only when one scrolls down the page. Therefore, it does not appear on screen when the wordmark also is visible.)

The tagline may be used on the website within the guidelines established in the "Tagline" section.

Color — For recommended colors to use in developing Web pages, see the "Web Color Palette" section.

Typography — For information about Web fonts, see "Fonts on the Web."

Photography — For Web photographic guidelines, see "Photography."

Verbal elements — Just as in print, it is important that the words we choose to represent ourselves on the Web are informed by the brand platform. Keep the elements of the brand platform — our brand personality, attributes and promises — in mind as you write about the University, and make use of brand keywords as appropriate.

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