Colleges and other units have latitude in creating a distinct look and feel for themselves on the Web.

By maintaining a clear hierarchy, you will strengthen visitors' understanding of your unit's relationship to the institution, and benefit fully from your connection to a respected, comprehensive university.


2) Work from the color palette wherever possible. The official colors and complementary palette provided in these guidelines afford ample opportunity for you to distinguish your college or other unit, while retaining an important connection to the University. Regular use of colors outside those presented in the guidelines is discouraged.

3) Follow the principles of good photography and good design. A well-crafted Web presence reflects well on your college or other unit. Guidelines for general photography — and Web photography, specifically — can be found on in the "Photography" section. Web design guidance can be provided by Integrated Marketing & Communications.

An example of a college site that incorporates its own sub-branding within the recommended framework appears above.


About your URL...

When lengthy URLs appear in print, they can be difficult for readers to remember, and tedious for them to retype. When promoting your college, department or other website in print, you may create a briefer, more user-friendly URL that links users to your site, or even to a specific page. Work with Integrated Marketing & Communications to ensure your choice of URL is available, and to create the necessary links.

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