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Brand Templates

IMC offers a number of templates that you can use to create effective printed brochures and posters that promote a UW Oshkosh program or event. The templates reflect the UW Oshkosh branding guidelines and serve as a starting point for your marketing efforts.

An InDesign template is provided for use as a starting structure for your project along with a PDF of the InDesign template for quick viewing. 
A PDF of a project completed using the InDesign template is also included to illustrate how the template can be used to fit your project's needs.

To assist you in creating your own marketing materials that reflect UW Oshkosh's brand, IMC offers the following templates, which each contain an InDesign document to work from and an example of a finished piece. If you do not have InDesign or would like some help using this design software, the Instructional Development and Authoring Lab is an excellent resource.

Once you have created your piece, remember to submit it to IMC for brand review before sending to print.

IMC continues to serve as a resource for planning and creating marketing materials. If you prefer to have IMC design your project, please fill out the Project Request Form. As a reminder, a standard print marketing project, such as a brochure, typically takes 10 weeks from the time draft text is provided to IMC until the final product is deliver.



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