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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Integrated Marketing and Communications come from? 

University Relations at UW Oshkosh changed its name in late 2006 to Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) to reflect the department's expanded campus services and broadened focus on enhancing the UW Oshkosh brand and moving the institution forward. 

Simply put, integrated communications is about best practices with everyone being "on the same page" with a consistent message. The University's key messaging and visual look and feel must be consistent in order to portray a unified brand. That's not to say there isn't room for creativity or sub-branding of specific programs, as appropriate, to reach our various target audiences. Learn more.


Whom should I call to get my project started? 

There are a number of ways to initiate service with IMC. If you need help with news or media relations, contact assistant vice chancellor Jamie Ceman. If you need help marketing an event or program, you can start by contacting your account liaison or filling out the Request for Services form. Your liaison will help you brainstorm possibilities and navigate through the project intake process. Learn more


How can I create more effective marketing pieces for my program?

Use the IMC website as your first resource. The IMC Toolbox offers: 

  • visual identity guidelines, 

  • logo library, 

  • brand review checklist, 

  • glossary, 

  • and more. 

Your account liaison also is a good source to turn to as you begin to think about you marketing goals. IMC also offers workshops to learn more about best practices on topics, such as UW Oshkosh's visual identify, e-marketing as well as media relations. 


How long will my marketing project take? 

A very loose guideline for a fairly standard print marketing project, such as a brochure, is about 10 weeks from the time draft text is provided to IMC until the final product is delivered. However, every project is different, and many factors come into play, including: 

  • What does your project entail (one component or several)?

  • Is a brainstorming session necessary to kick off your project?

  • Will you provide text, or will IMC staff be writing the copy?

  • Will your project require printing on or off campus?

  • Will your project involve a Web component? 

The best advice is to contact IMC as soon as possible when you are beginning to plan a project. The sooner IMC is in the loop, the sooner the team can offer guidance on best practices in marketing to help you get the most impact. 


How should I submit my text for a project? 

At the minimum for most projects, you should submit draft text that includes the crucial "facts" about your event or program. Make sure you include contact information. IMC writers/editors can help tie your information together through key marketing messages based on your audience and project goals. Text should be prepared in a standard Word document, using 12-point, Times New Roman font. There is no need to attempt to layout the text in columns or to embed images or logos in the document. In fact, the cleaner and less formatted the document, the faster IMC staff can work to finalize your text and move the project on to the design stage. 


How will you edit my text?

IMC writer/editors have editorial oversight responsibility to ensure that the University's marketing and communication materials are professional, accurate and consistent in style and messaging. As a last set of eyes, IMC editors will review and modify your text to improve grammar and spelling. They also can provide best practice expertise to incorporate the University key messages into your materials for greater impact. Professional, high-quality text increases the UW Oshkosh brand value.


What writing style should my text follow? 

To maintain a consistent style across our marketing and news materials, the Associated Press (AP) Style Guideis our primary guide. Check this excellent resource for how to abbreviate state names, present academic degrees as well as hyphenate words and punctuate sentences. IMC has copies of the AP Style Guide for review. The IMC staff also is familiar with the University's "in-house" style for identifying the numerous UW Oshkosh departments and programs across media channels. In addition, a more formal writing style is used for some materials related to official University ceremonies and certificates. 



Media Relations Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my event or news should have a news release? 

IMC is eager to hear your story ideas. The news team will pitch stories that are most likely to raise awareness as well as generate media interest. Some examples of stories that are likely to succeed include: 

  • Stories with national scope or impact. These illustrate a national trend in higher education; highlight a unique aspect of the UW Oshkosh community; or have potential to interest or impact a general audience.

  • Stories that are unique/human interest. These exemplify the unique or human face of UW Oshkosh faculty, students or staff.

  • Compelling stories with news/feature undertones. These stories most often appeal to a general audience and involve the activities of a person. They often have a direct correlation to an issue in the news, a research angle or a national/local trend. Story ideas can be compelling, whimsical or present an issue that is on the brink of innovation. 


What should I do if the media contacts me for an interview?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to speak to reporters on matters related to their areas of expertise, such as their research, scholarship, teaching or professional experience. However, faculty and staff are asked to notify IMC as soon as possible following contact from the media. Notifying IMC is important if follow-up requests are made with other University faculty or staff to ensure a coordinated response. Additionally, such notifications allow the University to track media placement. 

Reporters always should be referred to the IMC news team if a reporter seeks information on a topic that deals with issues of University-wide significance and/or are of a controversial or sensitive nature. Additionally, faculty and staff should notify IMC immediately about issues they may be aware of that have the potential to generate media inquiries or interest. 


How do I inform IMC about media opportunities in my department/unit? 

The IMC news team always is looking for story ideas and communication opportunities. You are encouraged to report any possibilities for these to Mandy Potts. 


How do I submit newsworthy events, topics, and items to UW Oshkosh Today?

You can email your items as text, PDFs or Microsoft Word attachments to If you need more information, please contact Mandy Potts. 


What should I do in a media relations emergency situation?

Issues that should immediately be referred to IMC include:

  • legal issues, 

  • personnel issues, 

  • questions that involve college integrity, such as ethics or issues that may result in harm to others, or 

  • a campus crisis or emergency. 

In cases where there is a campus crisis or emergency, please contact IMC at (920) 424-2442.


Learn more about media relations at UW Oshkosh.

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