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A Chapter At The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

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Media Section

Purpose of this section:
The media often focuses on negative aspects such as youth gangs, domestic violence, murder suicides, and welfare dependency which shape negative stereotypes of the community. The media section's objective is to serves as a positive media resource to develop, display, and recognize the talents and creativity of the students and community. This media section seeks to accomplish a more objective media representation of the community and dismantle negative stereotypes.

Furthermore, the media section serves as an avenue of communication among all the organizations of Hmong Students. The media section is also a continual directory of student organizations, college students, and professionals to provide network opportunities and expand higher learning for all Hmong Americans. Lastly, it will be an essential tool to develop cultural competency for new learners to the Hmong American community.

Contribute to the Media Section in:

Fictional or Non-fictional Writings ~
Share and exchange experiences through fictional or non-fictional writing and/or poetry. Contribute folklore, and written submissions of the Hmong to preserve cultural knowledge and language.

More importantly with students intricately involved in the process of writing, editing and producing publications, they will gain valuable hands-on media experience and journalism skills. All writers, and contributors work as volunteers and offer their talents as a service to the community.

Art Designs ~
Express individual artwork in cultural or academic to the community.

Miscelaneous ~
Any form of digital work that would be a positive impact to the community are welcome on this website.

Select Search Category:
- Fictional or Non-fictional Writings
- Art Designs
- Miscelaneous

Link's Section:

UW-Oshkosh Resource Links:
- University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
- Student Support Services
- School Calendar
- School Financial Aid
- Financial Aid for College (FAFSA)

Hmong Student Organization Links:
If you would like your website to be listed on here, please contact us by clicking here.

- HSA at Minnesota State University

- HSA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Contribute to the Media Section:

How to add to the Media Section
Please send work of publications to our publics relation person by clicking here.

Have ideas to better this section:
Please send us a recomendation or comment by clicking here.

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Getting In Touch
Other clubs or organizations who would like to get involve, please feel free to contact us.