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A Chapter At The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

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What is HSU

Hmong Student Union,
HSU is a student organization which promote higher education, to address the concerns and needs of Hmong students as well as the Hmong community through providing leadership opportunities and to serve as an academic, social, and networking resource for Hmong students. We are a channel through which students can develope and display their talents and creativity.

Our Purpose

The Hmong Student Union (HSU) is hereby established to promote the culturall, social, and educational interests of all students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-0shkosh. The Hmong Student Union will serve as the duly elected voice of of the Hmong Students in order to ensure that the concern of those students are considered in the academic and non-academic operations at this university.

More Information

How it came to be ~
Hmong Student Union was established back in 1987. During it's early years it was originally called Hmong Lao American Student Services (HLASS). At that time there was a good mix of Laosian and Hmong. Then in 1992, HLASS was changed to HSU because the Laosion no longer showed up to the meetings, and all members that were left was Hmong. So in favor of the members, they decided to rename Hmong Lao American Student Services to Hmong Student Union. Then on, the name remained HSU to this very day.

What can HSU do for me?
- Offer various activities which promote cultural education.
- Provide group support for all Hmong students.
- Provide opportunities for development in leadership skills.
- Provide academic help for students.

What can I gain from being part of HSU?
- Learn responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills.
- Explore the richness of the Hmong culture.
- Recieve academic and social support.
- Make new friends!

How can I help HSU?
- Attend regular meetings ( once a week or every other week )
- Serve on different commitees such as activites or volunteering.
- Assist officers in the following activities:
    1. Educational Conferences
    2. Cultural Show
    3. Indoor Tournament
    4. Fundraisers
    5. Activities and Event
    6. Posters Flyers

How can I become a member?
Its simple, you could attend any one of our meetings and talk to one of our excutive board officers, or send us an email to our executive board officers by clicking here.

For more information:
- If you have any questions call the Multicultural Retention Program at (920) 424-3081.

All is welcome!

Website Updates:

A Whole New Look
This is the new layout of the website. It has been re-designed. A media section has also been added.

Gallery Section
Yes members and alumni members, the gallery section is finally up and running. Enjoy the gallery section everyone.

Media Section
A media section has been added to develop, display, and recognize the talents and creativity of the students and the community.

Pictures as of 7/13/06
A lot of picture has been added. Thanks to all of you who helped contributed to the photo shoots.