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Student Employees

Information for students working for UW Oshkosh. This includes those students that are employed (paid) by UW Oshkosh but may be working at an off campus location.


Supervisors of Student Employees

Employing Unit Coordinators


Time Entry Resources

Student Employment Eligibility

    • Fall and Spring Terms: must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduate; 4.5 for graduate)
    • Summer Session: must be enrolled 3.0 credits for undergraduate and graduate OR enrolled at least half-time in upcoming Fall term

Finding Employment On or Off Campus

TitanJobs: Job postings for part-time, full-time and internship opportunities on and off campus

Academic Excellence (STEP) Program: High-impact internship opportunities for UW Oshkosh students


Hours Eligible to Work Guidelines

If you have more than one campus job, you must coordinate your total hours working per week with all supervisors. Total hours per week include all jobs together.

    • Federal Work Study - less than 20 hours per week while classes are in session and less than 40 hours per week when on break
    • Student Assistant - No more than 40 hours per week
    • International Students - no more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session

NOTE: All students must be enrolled in courses at a higher education university with at least 6.0 undergraduate credits or 4.5 graduate credits for Fall and Spring Terms in order to work for UW Oshkosh


What is FICA?

    • FICA is essentially Social Security taxes
    • Students enrolled in school do hot have to pay FICA tax; When they are not enrolled, students will pay the FICA tax
    • For summer session if students are not enrolled, they will pay FICA even if enrolled in upcoming Fall term


Conditions of Employment - Work Rules

All student hourly positions are at-will positions and may be terminated at any time provided the reason is not prohibited by law. It is the University's position that the University of Wisconsin System University Employees Work Rules apply to student employees in the same manner as they apply to staff.

Required Hiring Paperwork

You must supply the following paperwork on or before the first day of work. Failure to provide this documentation will delay your start date in the job.

    • A criminal background check may be required depending on which department you work for. This form will be requested by the department if required.

International Students must make an appointment in Human Resources (424-1166) to complete required forms. Documents to bring along include: I-20, I-94, Passport, and Social Security Card


Benefit Eligibility


Duplicate W-2 Requests


Need Assistance?

Contact your supervisor for that particular job.

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