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Weight Watchers at Work—Jillene Milos

Jill Milos_LargeAge: 45
Date Joined: June October 2011; October 2012
Weight Loss Goal: 90 pounds
Total weight loss to date: 75 pounds


Jill Milos, 45, originally joined Weight Watchers at Work through UW Oshkosh in October 2011 and lost 30 pounds. After her father died, she stopped attending Weight Watchers in April 2012 and gained 10 pounds back.

“I struggled with the loss of my dad for six months, and then I re-signed up for Weight Watchers in October 2012,” Milos said. “Now, my total weight loss is 75 pounds, and my goal is to lose 15 more.”

Milos said she gets her motivation to lose weight and exercise from others in the group, as well her  determination to see differences along the way.

“I like exercising with others, and because of my success, some of my friends have joined Weight Watchers,” Milos said.

For Milos, joining Weight Watchers at Work challenged the way she thought—there were no more excuses.

“I realized I had no reason not to commit to exercising. I had no reason not to make exercising a routine, not to make better food choices and not to be better prepared,” Milos said.

As a mother of three, Milos’ schedule is filed with her children’s activities. Milos said she brings her own food or healthy snacks to their sporting events and walks laps in the parking lot to get more activity into her day.

Milos said she is also driven to eat better, exercise more and become a healthier person by setting goals and accomplishing them.

“I am a competitive person by nature. The competitive side of me pushes me to beat my last time, to walk further, to do more,” Milos said.

Learn more about the Weight Watchers at Work program at UW Oshkosh and other health and wellness programs at

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