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Academic Staff Rehire Form
Form used to rehire fixed-term terminal employees.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
These forms will need to be filled out if an employee is 1) leaving on maternity leave 2) to care for a family member 3) employee's own health. Learn more.

Employee Forms

Standard forms that need to be completed by new employees (I-9, self-identification, etc.) or for current employees looking to update their information (W-4 and Direct Deposit).

Performance Evaluations/Career Progression

Forms that help employees who are evaluating their performance in the job they currently hold and tools to help employees progress in their career path. Learn more.

Personnel Transaction/Change Forms

These forms are used when an employee's wage changes, account code changes, extension of employment dates, resignation, and termination. Other forms that alter an employee's job record or information can be found here.


Forms that need to be completed during the hiring process, including criminal background check forms, appointment forms, and rehiring forms.


Student Employment Recruitment/Transaction
Students will need to complete these forms upon being hired. This section provides details on information required and processing procedures Learn more.


Worker's Compensation
Forms that need to be completed upon an injury at work, including a form for the employee's supervisor to complete. Learn more.

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