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Returning to Work After Retirement

What You Need to Know

Private Employment

As a retiree, you can work in private employment and your benefits administered by ETF (retirement and health/life insurance) will not be affected.

Employment with Any WRS Employer After Retirement

To be eligible for your retirement benefit, if your new WRS employment is in a position that meets WRS participation standards, your employment cannot begin until the latest of the following dates:

  • Day after your annuity effective date

  • 31st day after the date your WRS employment terminated

  • 31st day after the date ETF receives your retirement benefit application


Your annuity or lump sum benefit will be cancelled if your return to WRS-eligible employment occurs before this required break in service.

Note: If your WRS employer is the same employer from whom you terminated employment before your annuity began, the 30-day break in service requirement applies even if your new employment does not meet WRS participation standards.

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