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    Queer Peer Support Program



About the Program


The Queer Peer Support Program is a student organization through HOPE that broadens queer and questioning students' support networks by developing an individual mentoring relationship with another queer or ally Oshkosh student.

The mission of QPSP is to help queer and questioning students at UW-O succeed during their time at the university, reach their full potential as individuals, and connect with other queer UW Oshkosh students in an intimate and confidential setting. Participants will meet with Peer mentors for a one-on-one meeting in confidentiality.

Become a Queer Peer Mentor


If you want to do something you can be proud of, while making a meaningful contribution to our community, perhaps mentoring is for you. The Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgendered Mentoring Program is looking for mature, responsible mentors to help people through the often painful and challenging "coming out" process. Mentors are supportive buddies who provide empathy, guidance, and information to their mentees. In short, they help mentees 1) come to terms with their orientation and 2) "learn the ropes" about living as a LGBT person.

Want to help fellow students who are confused about their sexuality and need support? Then become a Queer Peer Mentor! When applying, students must be SAFE trained or are willing to go through SAFE training so that they can best understand and relate to their peer.

***We are currently working with the university to get this program started with the mentors. As of right now, the program is currently running but not open for everyone in the university to become mentors.***

Confused on your sexuality?


Meet with another students who understand the struggles you go through. These meetings will be one-on-one in full confidentiality.
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Rainbow Alliance for HOPE | SLIC Office | Reeve Union | Oshkosh, WI | 54901
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