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Report Anti-LGBT Incidences

Anti-LGBT behavior is not tolerated at UW-Oshkosh, but we can do little about it unless you tell us! Anything from phrases like "That's so gay" to actual physical violence should not happen here. Please let us know what has happeneed and where. This site reports your words anonymously. Unless you include your email address in the box below, your identity remains unknown. If you want us to contact you, pleasee include your email. You are a valued and valuable person here. Hate crimes should never happen.

***All information submitted will be handled in a conifdential manner and will not be disclosed without your prior consent.


What is your affiliation on campus?

Explain, in detail, what occurred, including date, time, and location.

Were you a victim, an observer, or a third party who heard of the incident from someone else?

What did you do? Who did you call?

Did you receive help? What kind?

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