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UHSA Executive Board Positions and Responsibilities



  • Create and distribute all meeting agendas (UHSA)
  • Attend and support all UHP recruitment activities
  • Attend all University Honors Council meetings
  • Work with the Advisor to plan and execute various events and activities throughout the year
  • Serve as a public ambassador for the UHP and UHSA


Vice President

  • Complete paperwork to maintain OSA membership
  • Attend all University Honors Council meetings
  • Serve as stand-in for the President if needed (temporary or long term)
  • Chair sub-committees as necessary for various projects

*** Note: The Vice President is expected to step in to fulfill the President's responsibilities at any point should he or she be unable to do so, whether for the short or long term. The Vice President should also plan to be an active participant in the UHSA for two years: one as Vice President, and, ideally, the following year as the new President. Elections for President will only be held in the event that the Vice President is unable or unwilling to step into the role of President.



  • Take comprehensive minutes at each meeting (UHSA and Exec. Board)
  • Distribute/post meeting minutes appropriately
  • Maintain email registry of UHSA members
  • Draft and send email updates to UHSA
  • Draft public correspondence on behalf of the organization



  • Maintain budget log/ petty cash
  • Report on finances during UHSA meetings
  • Assist the Advisor in completing administrative finance forms (Direct Pay Requests, Meal Requisitions, etc.) when necessary
  • Assist the Advisor in completing annual SAC budget requests
  • Assist the Advisor in completing annual finance reports


Public Relations Representative

  • Attend all OSA meetings and report business to UHSA Exec. Board
  • Maintain and update UHSA Facebook page
  • Maintain and update UHSA Titan Link page
  • Help organize volunteers/ and participants for events
  • Copy and organize distribution of flyers and posters for UHSA events
  • Utilize social media and campus advertising to promote UHSA activities
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