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Fall 2012 - Featuring Dr. Franca Barricelli


Dr. Franca Barricelli, from the history department, speaking at the Fall 2012 UHSA Pizza with Professors event.

On October 19th, 2012, Dr. Franca Barricelli, History professor and Assistant Dean in the College of Letters and Science, joined the UHSA for the Fall 2012 Pizza with Professors event. Dr. Barricelli talked about her research interests, her experience on campus as an Assistant Dean, her upcoming study abroad trip to Rome, and why she believes history is so much more than dates and lists of names. She also posed some questions to the group: she asked how students felt their education was preparing them for entrance into an increasingly globally connected world and how their individual majors related to questions like these and others central to the University's new general education program. Everyone also enjoyed learning about her travels and some of her favorite Italian foods.

The entire night was filled with fun, food, and great conversation. Thank you, Dr. Barricelli, for making it such a fantastic success!


Previous Pizza with Professors Events


Last fall the UHSA invited Dr. Michael Baltutis from the Religious Studies Department who talked about his current research, his amusing (and sometimes harrowing!) adventures abroad in Southeast Asia, and experiences in graduate school.

And then in the spring, the Pizza with Professors event evolved: Professors Heike Alberts (Geography), Don Dingledine (English), Stephen Kercher (History), and Roberta Maguire (English) indulged student curiosities about their favorite books, movies, music, travel experiences, and time in graduate school in a round-robin style gathering that was well enjoyed by all.

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