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Honors Registration for Fall 2017:

Honors enrollment dates depend on student level:

Seniors: Mon., Feb. 27

Juniors: Tues., Feb. 28

Sophomores: Wed., Mar. 1

Freshmen: Thurs., Mar. 2

For Honors Advising appointments, please contact Liz Taylor:

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Participation Policy Form

This form is used if a student is unable to take Honors courses during a specific term.

According to the University Honors Program Participation Policy, students are required to incorporate at least one Honors course into each semester until all their Honors requirements are met; however, if there are scheduling conflicts or circumstances that require a student to be away for a whole semester (e.g., study abroad program, job opportunity, or personal reasons), it is the student's responsibility to contact the UHP. Students who do not contact a staff member or schedule a meeting to develop a plan to address their lack of progress will be dropped from the Program.

Only one term may be selected. If you are unable to take classes for more than one term, please contact the UHP.
Please add a brief explanation as to why you are unable to take any Honors courses for the specified term(s). (e.g. Honors courses don't fit in schedule, study abroad opportunity, etc.)
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