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Previous Winners of the UHP's Outstanding Teaching Award


Dr. Susan McFadden, Psychology. 2011 - Dr. Susan McFadden

Last years winner of the University Honors Program Outstanding Teaching Award was Dr. Susan McFadden of the Psychology department. Dr. McFadden's courses included Honors 175, Honors 271 and 272, Honors 475, and Psychology 104: Honors Introduction to Psychology. Two members of the UHSA, Alyssa Brunner and Shane Conner, presented the award during the Spring 2012 Honors Graduation Ceremony. Because she was unable to attend, Dr. McFadden was presented the award later that week at the African American Studies Minor Ceremony. Dr. McFadden retired in the Spring of 2012 and remains greatly missed!





Don Dingledine, 2010 UHP Outstanding Teaching Award winner

2010 - Dr. Don Dingledine

In 2010, the winner of the University Honors Program Outstanding Teaching Award was Dr. Don Dingledine of the English Department. Dr. Dingledine's Honors courses include English 110: Honors Composition, English 229: African American Literature, HNRS 175: Honors Seminar, HNRS 275: Culture Connection, and HNRS 475: Honors Senior Seminar.

Two members of the University Honors Student Association Teaching Award Committee, Patience Krahn (right) and Ashley Stocker (left), read testimonials from UHP students and presented the award to Dr. Dingledine at the Honors Graduation Ceremony on May 9, 2011.


Laurence Carlin, 2009 UHP Outstanding Teaching Award winner2009 - Dr. Laurence Carlin

Dr. Laurence Carlin of the Philosophy Department won the Outstanding Teaching Award for 2009. Dr. Carlin's Honors courses include the HNRS 175: Honors Seminar, Philosophy 110: Intro to Philosophy, and Culture Connection.

Chancellor Richard Wells presented Dr. Carlin with the award at the Honors Graduation Ceremony on May 10, 2010.



Bill Mode, UHP Outstanding Teaching Award winner 20082008 - Dr. Bill Mode

Dr. Bill Mode of the Geology Department won the first Outstanding Teaching Award in 2008. Dr. Mode's Honors courses include Geology 110: Honors Geology and Culture Connection.

Dr. Bill Mode, pictured far left with fellow nominees Dr. Larry Carlin (Philosophy) and Dr. Steve Szydlik (Mathematics), accepted the award at the UHP Faculty Workshop on June 2, 2009.

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