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Honors Registration for Fall 2017:

Honors enrollment dates depend on student level:

Seniors: Mon., Feb. 27

Juniors: Tues., Feb. 28

Sophomores: Wed., Mar. 1

Freshmen: Thurs., Mar. 2

For Honors Advising appointments, please contact Liz Taylor:

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Honors Graduation Ceremony - Monday, May 6th, 2013 - Reeve 227C

Congratulations, Fall 2013 Honors Associates and Graduates!

These students, having completed the Honors curriculum and maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.2 to 3.49, will receive Honors Certificates:


Danielle Alsteen - BA in Spanish

Andrew Charles - BBA in Finance; minor in Insurance and Financial Planning

Sarah Freimuth - BA in Psychology; minor in Women's Studies

Thesis: "Volunteers' Experiences in a Structured Activities Program with People Living with Dementia in Long-Term Care: An Action Research Project"

Nicole Kurszewski - BS in Chemistry (Biomolecular)

Lori Ligocki - BA in Journalism; minors in English (Creative Writing) and French

Molly Linn - BA in Journalism; minor in Spanish

Thesis: "Refugees in Oshkosh"

Amy Reithmeier - BA in Psychology; minor in Spanish

Thesis: "Unjust Justice: A Case for Reforming the Criminal Justice System Based on Existing Psychological Research"

Charity Tessen - BS in Chemistry (Biomolecular)



These students, having completed the Honors curriculum and maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, will receive Honors Medallions:


Katrina Achilli - BS in History and International Studies

Matthew Bohr - BS in Biology and Chemistry (Biomolecular)

Cassandra Brooks - BBA in Marketing and Human Resources Management; minor in Radio-TV-Film

Garrett Carlson - BS in Philosophy; minor in English (Rhetoric)

Thesis: "The Metaphysical Baggage of the Special Theory of Relativity and Its Implications for the Present"

Kristina Deibert - BS in Criminal Justice; minor in Political Science (Legal Studies)

Zach Downey - BS in Radio-TV-Film; minor in History

Thesis: "The Appeal of Batman"

Jacob Drefs - BS in Biology; minor in Chemistry

Kelly Genskow - BS in Chemistry and Biology

Thesis: "The Escherichia coli Small Protein MntS and Its Role in Manganese Homeostasis"

Sarah Lund - BBA in Marketing

Erica Maurer - BS in Social Work

Thesis: "Previously Detained Youth on the Meaning of Mental Health"

Madeline Meis - BA in International Studies (African Studies and International Development) and Spanish; minors in Latin American Studies and Political Science

Thesis: "The Effect of Structural Adjustment Programs on the Social Development and Human Rights Conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa since 1980"

Cassandra Piper - BS in Biology (Healthcare Science); minor in Chemistry

Marissa Reynolds - BA in Political Science; minors in German, Legal Studies, and Public Administration

Madysen Schmidt - BA in Anthropology and Sociology

Matthew Schmirler - BS in Computer Science

Thesis: "ML Parser"

Alexandra Seidl - BA in English and Psychology; minor in English (Creative Writing)

Thesis: "Space Between Bones"

Gormon Stock - BS in Chemistry (Professional); minor in Computer Science

Thesis: "A Study of Human Glutathione Reductase Inhibition via Ab Initio Optimizations"

Stephanie Welsh - BS in Nursing

Thesis: "Improving Measurement Tools for Therapeutic Horseback Riding at BEAMING, Incorporated"

Anthony Varga - BS in Philosophy and Psychology

Catherine Wrucke - BA in German and Japanese Studies; minor in Japanese Language and Culture

Thesis: "Search for the Origin of the Japanese Language from the Perspective of Lexicostatic Glottochronology and the Comparative Method"

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