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University Honors Program Events and Cosponsorships

STEW - October 17, 2013 (UHP Event)

"Art: Luxury or Necessity?" marked Stew's third visit to the UW Oshkosh campus. Details are here



PASSING STRANGE (Film Presentation) - October 10, 2013 (UHP Event)

Introduction by Dr. Don Dingledine and Dr. Alan Lareau


BE THE MATCH - April 24 and 25, 2013 (cosponsor)

Many hundreds of students and staff took part in this bone marrow donor registry campaign to benefit Be the Match ( This was the second such on-campus event coordinated by Jonathan Dudzinski, a donor himself in 2011, who is a UW Oshkosh alumnus (double major in Accounting and Finance, Spring 2012) and University Honors Program Graduate.


DR. ELLIOTT SOBER - April 18, 2013 (UHP Event)

"Did Darwin Write the Origin Backwards?"



SABINE BERENDSE AND PAUL CLEMENTS - April 24, 2012 (cosponsor)

"Revolutions in Music: Hanns Eisler Remembers"



STEW - November 9, 2011 (UHP Event)

"How to Get to Broadway by Accident: Stew Talks About Passing Strange, Rock n Roll vs. Musical Theater, and the Pleasures of Personal Chronology"



DR. KEVIN MEEHAN - November 18, 2011 (cosponsor)

"African American and Haitian Solidarity: From the Battle of Savannah to the Haitian Bicentennial"


PASSING STRANGE (Film Presentation) - October 25, 2011 (UHP Event)

Introduction by Dr. Don Dingledine and Dr. Roberta Maguire



STEVE PAULSON - October 26, 2010 (UHP Event)

"Science and Religion: What's Really at Stake in This Debate?"



DR. LENI SORENSEN - November 12, 2009 (cosponsor)

"Gumbo and Maize: African and African American Foodways"

"Chefs and Slaves: The Cooks in Jefferson's Kitchen"



STANLEY CROUCH - February 28, 2008 (UHP Event)

"Blues for America"


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