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University Honors Program Events and Cosponsorships

University Honors Program faculty and staff nominate STEW, 2014 Honorary Doctorate recipient!

For his many contributions to the UW Oshkosh campus and to our community, musician, composer, and Tony Award-winning playwright Stew was co-nominated for UW Oshkosh's 2014 Honorary Doctorate by a committee of Stew enthusiasts--Honors Director Laurence D. Carlin, UHP Faculty Don Dingledine (Departmetn of English) and Alan Lareau (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures), and Honors staff member Julie Russo.

The application included a detailed description of Stew's performances, classes, and public talks; promotional materials from his three campus visits; and, our most convincing evidence, the words, voices, and expression offered from Stewdents of all persuasion. These accounts took form as compelling letters of support from a wide range of professors and as enlightening endorsements from students from all four colleges, all of whom witnessed and embraced "the Stew Effect."

The committee is especially grateful to Professors Larry Herzberg (Department of Philosophy), Miles Maguire (Department of Journalism), Roberta Maguire (Department of English), and Dennis Rioux (Department of Physics and Astronomy) for their ardent contributions. 

Stew was awarded the Doctorate of Humane Letters at Commencement on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

In UW Oshkosh's long history of bestowing honorary degrees to those "who have contributed significantly to the University, to the state, or to the nation," Stew's is the first our campus has awarded to an artist.

Congratulations, Dr. Stew!


Honorary Doctorate 2014

Regent Vice President Regina Millner with Stew, Doctor of Humane Letters, and Chancellor Wells at the Spring 2014 Commencement. (Photo courtesy of UW Oshkosh)


DR. CAROLYN L. KARCHER - October 14, 2015 (cosponsor)

Scholar, author, and Professor Emerita of English, American Studies, and Women's Studies at Temple University

"An Inspiring Alliance in a Dark Time: Albion W. Tourgee, Ida B. Wells, and Harry C. Smith and the Campaign Against Lynching"



STEW - October 17, 2013 (UHP Event)

Musician, composer, playwright, and Tony Award winner for Passing Strange (Best Book, 2008)

"Art: Luxury or Necessity?" marked Stew's third visit to the UW Oshkosh campus. Details are here



PASSING STRANGE (Film Presentation) - October 10, 2013 (UHP Event)

Introductions by Dr. Don Dingledine (Associate Professor of English) and Dr. Alan Lareau (Professor of German)


BE THE MATCH - April 24 and 25, 2013 (Cosponsor)

Many hundreds of students and staff took part in this bone marrow donor registry campaign to benefit Be the Match ( This was the second such on-campus event coordinated by Jonathan Dudzinski, a donor himself in 2011, who is a UW Oshkosh alumnus (double major in Accounting and Finance, Spring 2012) and University Honors Program Graduate.


DR. ELLIOTT SOBER - April 18, 2013 (UHP Event)

Professor of Philosophy, UW Madison

"Did Darwin Write the Origin Backwards?"



SABINE BERENDSE AND PAUL CLEMENTS - April 24, 2012 (Cosponsor)

"Revolutions in Music: Hanns Eisler Remembers"



STEW - November 9, 2011 (UHP Event)

"How to Get to Broadway by Accident: Stew Talks About Passing Strange, Rock n Roll vs. Musical Theater, and the Pleasures of Personal Chronology"



DR. KEVIN MEEHAN - November 18, 2011 (Cosponsor)

"African American and Haitian Solidarity: From the Battle of Savannah to the Haitian Bicentennial"



PASSING STRANGE (Film Presentation) - October 25, 2011 (UHP Event)

Introduction by Dr. Don Dingledine and Dr. Roberta Maguire



STEVE PAULSON - October 26, 2010 (UHP Event)

"Science and Religion: What's Really at Stake in This Debate?"



DR. LENI SORENSEN - November 12, 2009 (Cosponsor)

"Gumbo and Maize: African and African American Foodways"

"Chefs and Slaves: The Cooks in Jefferson's Kitchen"



STANLEY CROUCH - February 28, 2008 (UHP Event)

"Blues for America"


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