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Religious Studies 105 - Honors Religions in America (*XS)(*SS)(ES) (3 Credits)

  • Prerequisites: Enrolled in good standing with the UHP with prior or concurrent enrollment in HNRS 175.

This course will introduce students to the power and pervasiveness of religious expression in America. Religious expression involves the entire person, acting through all his/her senses. Consequently, the study of American religion must look for data beyond traditional religious texts and doctrines. the course will introduce students: 1) the formative religious meaning of the New World and the enduring classification of land and people that such visions engendered; 2) the interaction of established religious communities in the New World; 3) a unique opportunity to see the religious landscape of the United States through the yes of the adherents themselves; 4) the formation of new religious movements in the context of the Americas; 5) how the American experience impacted and often changed long established religious traditions; and 6) the globalization of American religions in the present day.

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