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Honors Core Courses

Honors Seminar: HNRS 175 (3 credits) (HU)(SS)(XS)(Quest 1)*

This interdisciplinary, team-taught seminar is a prerequisite, first-year experience course required for all Honors students the semester they are admitted to the Program. The course is designed to demonstrate the interaction between different areas of study. Students will spend equal time examining a specific theme (for example, ethics) from the perspective of each of two instructors from different disciplines. Occasionally, the classes are combined so the group as a whole can meet. Recent topics have included "Truth," "Revolution," "Ethics," "Science and Religion," "Evolution," "Education," and "Food."

The Honors Seminar is also a great opportunity to meet other Honors students starting the program at the same time, as well as to make connections with Honors faculty.

*Note: Honors 175 will only satisfy a Humanities requirement for those students admitted before the Fall 2013 semester who are not taking part in the University Studies Program (USP). For all others, the course will satisfy (SS) and (XS) requirements.


Culture Connection: Honors 275 (3 credits) (HU)(XC)(ES*)(Quest 2 & 3)

The purpose of this course is twofold: to assist students with cultivating strategies for engaging deeply with cultural experiences and events and to further their development as writers. To that end, students will read a selection of essays on cultural criticism as well as cultural critiques of theatrical performances, music recitals and concerts, art exhibits, etc. In addition, students will be expected to attend cultural events on campus or in the community and to write their own critiques of them. Culture Connection is offered both spring and fall.

Culture Connection is also available as a study abroad course over interim. In May 2014, Culture Connection in London was launched with Dr. Carlin and twenty Honors students. Another abroad class was organized, which quickly filled, in January 2015 (over fall interim). Because response has been enthusiastic--and endorsements from the May 2014 and January 2015 students have been contagious--another subsequent Culture Connection Abroad sections are in the works for May 2015 and for January 2016. Students must start the application process well in advance in the Office of International Education (Dempsey 202): Interested students may also contact Dr. Larry Carlin.

*Note: This course will only satisfy an ES requirement for those students who complete it after the Spring 2013 semester.

May 2014: The first-ever Culture Connection abroad class at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.
The first-ever Culture Connection Abroad group (May 2014) on their way to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.

Senior Capstone: Honors 475 or XXX-474 (3-6 credits)

For their final Core Course, Honors students complete EITHER

An Honors Senior Seminar (HNRS 475), which is offered BOTH fall and spring,

~ OR ~

An Honors Thesis (XXX 474), where students work with a faculty advisor to design and complete an independent research project over two semesters (fall/spring or spring/fall).
More information about the two Senior Capstone options may be found here.
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