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Fall 2009

  • Katie Dahlvig (BS in Psychology; minor in Spanish) worked for the Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program as a line therapist, where she offered one-on-one therapy to autistic children to help them learn about and work on basic life skills. She also worked at ARAS as a promotional model, traveled (including trips to Las Vegas, New York City, and Grand Cayman) and was accepted to graduate school at Loyola University in Chicago. As of fall 2010, Katie is studying Educational Psychology to become a school psychologist.
  • Lydia Doerr (BS in Biology [Ecology & Organismal]) worked for an Ohio State University grad student in the coastal marshes of Lake Erie as a Secretive Marshbird Technician. Lydia said this “really meant that I got up really early in the morning and either waded or kayaked through swamps where I played bird songs in the hope that birds of the same species would respond.” She also helped to collect data about the plants present in the swamps, which will help the grad student determine what type of vegetation is needed for the population of several bird species in Ohio. Since then, Lydia volunteered in New Zealand as a Hut Warden in Tongariro National Park and was seeking a biological research position through the next year.
  • Amanda Krohn (BSN) is attending graduate school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which Amanda describes as a lot of work. "This is my first semester attending the University of Michigan on a full fellowship while pursuing my PhD in Nursing. My research interests are currently focused on psychiatric mental health of military families and adolescents. I am enjoying living here and spend my time working on endless amounts of coursework and attending Big Ten football games on the weekends. Go Blue!”
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