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Honors Registration for Fall 2017:

Honors enrollment dates depend on student level:

Seniors: Mon., Feb. 27

Juniors: Tues., Feb. 28

Sophomores: Wed., Mar. 1

Freshmen: Thurs., Mar. 2

For Honors Advising appointments, please contact Liz Taylor:

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Benefits of the University Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers students a wide range of benefits:


Small Classes

Honors courses are capped at 20 to 25 students, which allows for significant discussion and interaction between faculty and other students.


Innovative Classes

Students in the UHP have the opportunity to take interdisciplinary, team-taught seminars on cutting-edge topics that are specially designed for and limited to Honors students.


Early Registration

Students active in the UHP are permitted to register for classes early to coordinate Honors offerings with their other courses.



The Honors community is special in that its members come from the University's four colleges while sharing a commitment to academic excellence and personal and intellectual challenges. It is a diverse, energetic group that likes to work and spend time together, and its student association, the UHSA, plans social events and service opportunities that enrich the Honors Program and connect students with the campus and surrounding community.


Special Recognition

Graduating seniors who complete the Honors curriculum and who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher (UHP Graduates) are honored at the Honors Graduation Ceremony where the Chancellor presents them with the Honors Medallion, which is also worn at Commencement. Students who complete the curriculum with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 to 3.49 (UHP Associates) receive Certificates of Recognition from the Chancellor. After graduation, this designation is then added to each student's transcript.


Honors Floor

Honors students have the opportunity to live on the second floor of South Scott Hall, where they will enjoy the convenience of the hall’s location, the many activities that are offered there, and a sense of community with other Honors residents.

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