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University Honors Program Annual Convocation: A Tradition Since 2003


Fall 2012 Convocation


Fall 2011 Convocation


Fall 2010 Convocation


Dr. Don Dingledine (Department of English)
"'In Landlessness Alone Resides the Highest Truth': Or, at Sea with the UHP" (pdf)


Fall 2009 Convocation

Dr. Laurence Carlin (Department of Philosophy)
"Uncomfortable Choices: Making the Honors Program--and Your Head--a Happy Place to Live" (pdf)


Fall 2008 Convocation

Dr. Simon Sibelman (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)
"Responsibility in an Irresponsible World"


Fall 2007 Convocation

Dr. Todd Sandrin (Department of Biology)
"(Nearly) Everything I Wish I Had Known When I Was Where You Are"


Fall 2006 Convocation

Dr. Marshall Missner (Department of Philosophy)
"The Secret Life of Honors Classes"


Fall 2005 Convocation

Dr. Franca Barricelli (Department of History) (pdf)
"Forgetting Your Career: Making the Most of the University Honors Program"

Fall 2004 Convocation

Dr. Susan McFadden (Department of Psychology) (pdf)
"Spaces, Times, and Relationships: What You Will Remember from Your Years at UW Oshkosh"


Fall 2003 Convocation

Dr. Barry Perlman (Department of Psychology) (pdf)

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