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Spring 2016

Early registration for Honors Students will begin on these dates:

Seniors:  Mon., Oct. 5

Juniors: Tues., Oct. 6

Sophomores: Wed., Oct. 7

Freshmen: Thurs., Oct. 8

For Honors Advising, please contact Liz Taylor:

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University Honors Program Fall Convocation: An Annual Tradition Since 2003


Fall 2012 Convocation: Dr. Marguerite Helmers


Fall 2011 Convocation: Dr. Dennis Rioux


Fall 2010 Convocation: Dr. Don Dingledine


Dr. Don Dingledine (Department of English)

September 23, 2010

"'In Landlessness Alone Resides the Highest Truth': Or, at Sea with the UHP" (pdf)


Fall 2009 Convocation: Dr. Laurence Carlin

Dr. Laurence Carlin (Department of Philosophy)

September 22, 2009
"Uncomfortable Choices: Making the Honors Program--and Your Head--a Happy Place to Live" (pdf)


Fall 2008 Convocation: Dr. Simon Sibelman

Dr. Simon Sibelman (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)

September 18, 2008

"Responsibility in an Irresponsible World"


Fall 2007 Convocation: Dr. Todd Sandrin

Dr. Todd Sandrin (Department of Biology)

September 19, 2007
"(Nearly) Everything I Wish I Had Known When I Was Where You Are"


Fall 2006 Convocation: Dr. Marshall Missner

Dr. Marshall Missner (Department of Philosophy)

September 21, 2006
"The Secret Life of Honors Classes"


Fall 2005 Convocation: Dr. Franca Barricelli

Dr. Franca Barricelli (Department of History) (pdf)

September 20, 2005
"Forgetting Your Career: Making the Most of the University Honors Program"

Fall 2004 Convocation: Dr. Susan McFadden

Dr. Susan McFadden (Department of Psychology) (pdf)

September 16, 2004

"Spaces, Times, and Relationships: What You Will Remember from Your Years at UW Oshkosh"


Fall 2003 Convocation: Dr. Baron Perlman

September 16, 2003

Dr. Barry Perlman (Department of Psychology) (pdf)

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