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Fundamentals of Cycling

by Paul D. Frederickson

UW Oshkosh associate professor of business law
Oshkosh Cycling Club member

Riding Safely in a Group
  • Ride Straight
    Don’t weave.
    Don’t make sharp turns.
  • Ride steady
    Rapid acceleration breaks up the group.
  • Easy on the brake
    Hard braking creates the domino effect.
  •  Maintain group pace when at the front
    Avoid unconscious urge to accelerate.
  • Don’t overlap wheels
    Know where everyone is around you.
  • Turns – Slow down
    Hold your line around the turn.
    Watch for the line of others in the group.
    Watch for, and call out, gravel or sand.
  • Hills can be fun!
    Leave a bigger gap between you and the other riders (both up and down).
  • Be cautious when standing up
    Your bike will shift back.
    Riders will rock more from side to side.
    Always stay to the right of the center line.
  • Take turns at the front
  • Call out road or traffic hazards
    Glass, gravel, pot holes, dogs and other animals, etc.
    “Car back” or “Car back passing” or “Car up."

Enjoy the ride!



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