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History Club

All students are welcome to join the history club at UW Oshkosh. You do not have to be a history major or minor to join or to participate in events. All history enthusiasts are encouraged to attend. For additional information on the history club or upcoming events, please contact us.



  • Co-Presidents: Carissa Tuffey ( and Anna Yarish (
  • Secretary: Abby Martin
  • Treasurer: Jordan Payne
  • Public Relations: Ella Badham
  • OSA Rep: Mitchell Tuffey


    Faculty Advisor

    For Spring 2013: Karl Loewenstein -

    For Fall 2013: Dr. Gabriel J. Loiacono -


    2012-2013 Events

    For the most up-to-date information on events, please see the History Club website at or our facebook page.

    What follows is a sample list of events that will be held this year:

    • History Club Meetings (not every week - see for exact dates)
    • Panel Discussion: Grad Schools for Historians
    • Guest Discussions: Careers for Historians
    • Historical Films and the Experts who love/hate them
    • Ice cream socials
    • Guest speakers on various historical topics
    • Pizza Social with Professors


    History Club Brain Teaser

    My place of birth lies far away
    From where I make my home today
    Where Unknown jack once made his name,
    11 'ladies' brought him fame,

    Of names I have had 3 or 4,
    But my current one defines me more
    My brother marks time for a nation's queens
    Though my sisters sing of fruit it seems

    Namesakes I have of many creeds
    One went to space on a god of speed
    On his return a watery home
    A locker owned by davy jones

    When I reflect upon my past
    I am ashamed to say I cracked
    Two Johns came to my aid that time
    But then I cracked a second time

    When better I sang but sounded wrong
    But, well again I then gave song
    Philip wrote a song for me
    Which then was used by Monty P

    When used with letters I proclaim
    That even old I'll work the same
    I can't be beaten, for you I'll stick
    Do you know my name? or are you licked?

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