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Todd Olson, '08, Active Duty Army Officer, MBA Candidate

After finishing his history degree at UWO in 2008, Mr. Olson was commissioned as an active duty Army officer, specializing in transportation and logistics. He was twice deployed to Afghanistan. Soon, he'll be pursuing his Master's in Business Administration at the Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University.

Todd Olson with a non-history major

-The History department at The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh was instrumental in providing me with the critical reasoning, researching, and communication skills necessary to advance in my career.

-The critical thinking, researching, and writing skills I learned from the History department at UW Oshkosh have been crucial in my ability to succeed in my career.

-Since graduating in May of 2008, I have been an active duty Army Officer working in Transportation and Supply Chain Management. During my time in the Army, I have lived in Texas, Virginia, and Oklahoma, as well as spending two years in Afghanistan.


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