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Gary Dundas, ’71, retired

Gary Dundas, Class of 1971. Recently retired after 38 years with Allstate Insurance Company.

"I look back on my days at Oshkosh with great happiness.....History helped me understand other people, places and times. I benefited so much not only from what I learned from books but what I learned from fellow students and teachers. In the late 60's and early 70's Vietnam divided the campus and country so that was a major influence on me. Today's students will also benefit from any opportunity to discuss and reflect on the issues of the day.

History for me was just a launching pad to begin life's journey as an " adult.” It opened up the world and introduced me to American, European, Asian and African culture and thought. I think any history graduate will enter the world more rounded, more open to other people and ideas and more confident in what they have done and the great things they will do going forward."

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