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The Newest Addition to UW Oshkosh

History moves to Sage Hall

Sage Hall


Sage Hall, the newest addition to the UW Oshkosh campus, has had a profound effect on the students, faculty and campus community.  Not only is the building aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and state of the art, but it has also made professors and students become more aware of the campus as a community.

According to numerous professors in the History Department, the best part about moving from Clow to Sage Hall is the new office space.  Many professors commented on the ability to finally organize all of their materials into a way that is chronologically accurate.  Now instead of books being in stacks or in boxes, the walls are lined with bookshelves that create an open space and allow easy access for professors and students.  Since professors are often involved in many different research projects at one time or have numerous classes to prepare for, organization plays an integral part in their success. 

The new offices at Sage Hall allow for space to accommodate all of their materials and more space equals organization!  The views from the offices or from any window of Sage Hall amaze students and professors alike.

The classrooms in Sage offer benefits to students and professors.  The layout of the rooms and the location of the projector aid the professors in their teaching techniques since they no longer need to turn their backs on students while teaching as they did in other buildings.  The layout of the rooms allows all students to have equal viewing room of the screens, professor, and other peers for true collaborative instruction.  Students also enjoy the new location, which is closer to where they are taking their classes.  In the past, professors would conduct their classes in many different buildings, but now students are taking their classes in the same building as their professors’ offices.  This provides easier access for students during their professors’ office hours and has led to a lot more interaction between students and professors.

According to the professors I communicated with, “Sage Hall is a state of the art facility that speaks well about UW Oshkosh as a university.  It shows the rest of the state that it cares about the accomplishments of its students and about the professors that work for them.  Sage Hall is a new point of pride for UW Oshkosh and is appreciated by students, staff, and the community as a whole.”

Written by: Kayla Houle

by Rivers, Kimberly A last modified Mar 07, 2012 08:37 AM