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Michelle Kuhl

Associate Professor (Ph.D. Binghamton University, 2004)


Research Interests

Professor Kuhl has published articles on Du Bois's short stories, the silencing of sexual assault against black women in the anti-lynching movement, black intellectual concerns about the defeat of the Plains Indians, the work/life balance for female academics, and a scholarly review of Gilded Age women's history. She is currently updating a manuscript on the anti-lynching movement titled Manly Martyrs:  African Americans and the Anti-Lynching Battle.


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Student Evaluations of Teaching

Why wander the internets looking for student opinions?  Here are the official student surveys of Professor Kuhl's classes.  In the Qualitative A=strengths and B=weaknesses.


Office Hours

Fall 2015

Mon/Weds 10:30-12:00

and by appointment

Public Lectures

Professor Kuhl has given public lectures in the Fox Valley on Emancipation, Midwest Immigration, the historical context of the Ferguson uprising, and the Civil War homefront.  Her areas of expertise include 19th century U.S. history, Women's History, and African American history.  And, increasingly, Pirate History.  She is willing to consider opportunities for public outreach.

Contact Information


"I would only add that when one begins a poem, a hymn, a short story, or even a history, one must be optimistic about its completion and about what it seeks to teach.  If one believes in the power of his own words and in the words of others, one must also hope and believe that the world will be a better place by our having spoken or written those words."  John Hope Franklin

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