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Kimberly Rivers

Professor (Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1995)

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Research Interests

Late-medieval intellectual history; memory and mnemonics in late-medieval preaching and religious devotion.


  • 57-101 Early Civilization
  • 57-304 The Early Middle Ages
  • 57-305 The Later Middle Ages
  • 57-306 The Crusades
  • 57-310 Reformation Europe
  • 57-372 Medieval Britain to 1485
  • 57-412 European History Seminar

European Studies Minor

History majors and minors may have already completed most of the work necessary to get a european studies minor. Check out the requirements at


  • Doležalová, Lucie, and Kimberly Rivers, eds. Medieval Manuscript Miscellanies: Composition, Authorship, Use. Krems: Medium Aevum Quotidianum, 2013.
  • "Creating the Memory of God in a Medieval Miscellany: Melk Ms 1075, Jean De Hesdin (Fl. 1350-1370), and Late Medieval Monastic Reform." In Medieval Manuscript Miscellanies: Composition, Authorship, Use, edited by Lucie Doležalová and Kimberly Rivers, 112-38. Krems: Medium Aevum Quotidianum, 2013.
  • Preaching the Memory of Virtue and Vice: Memory, Images, and Preaching in the Late Middle Ages (Turnhout: Brepols Press, 2010).
  • “Writing the Memory of the Virtues and Vices in Johannes Sintram’s (d. 1450) Preaching Aids.” In Medieval Memories: Case Studies, Definitions, Contexts, edited by Lucie Doležalová, 31-48. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2010.
  • “Another Look at the Career of Pierre Bersuire, O.S.B.,” Revue benedictine 116, no. 1 (2006): 92-100.
  • “The Dangers of the Imagination: Mental Images in Mnemonic Texts, 1300-1700,” in Image Makers and Image Breakers: Proceedings of a St. Michael’s College Symposium (1-2 March 2002), edited by Jennifer A. Harris, 93-107 (New York, Ottawa, Toronto: Legas, 2003).
  • “The Fear of Divine Vengeance: Mnemonic Images as a Guide to Conscience in the Late Middle Ages,” in Fear and Its Representations in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, edited by Anne Scott and Cynthia Kosso, 66-91 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2002).
  • Francesc Eiximenis, "On the Two Kinds of Order that Aid Understanding and Memory," translated by Kimberly A. Rivers, in The Medieval Craft of Memory: An Anthology of Texts and Pictures, ed. by Mary Carruthers and Jan Ziolkowski, 189-204 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002.
  • “Memory and Medieval Preaching: Mnemonic Advice in the Ars praedicandi of Francesc Eiximenis (c..1327-1409),” Viator 30 (1999): 253-84.
  • “Memory, Division, and the Organization of Knowledge in the Middle Ages,” in Pre-modern Encyclopaedic Texts, edited by Peter Binkley, 147-158 (Leiden: Brill, 1997).
  • “The Magisterium of the Paris Faculty of Theology in the Early Sixteenth Century: The Case of Lefиvre d'Etaples’ Scriptural Translations.” Scintilla 8 (1991): 45-69.

Learned Societies

  • Medieval Academy of America
  • Society for the Study of the Bible in the Middle Ages
  • International Medieval Sermon Studies Society, councilor (

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