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Gabriel Loiacono

Associate Professor of History (Ph.D Brandeis University, 2008) and Associate Director of the University Studies Program

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Contact Information

    Address: Sage Hall 3615
    Phone: (920) 424-1409
    Office Hours (Fall 2015): MWF 11:30-12, TuTh 1-2 or by appointment

    Regularly Taught Courses

    • History 201 United States History to 1877 (Explore)
    • History 205 Ben Franklin, Abigail Adams & Olaudah Equiano: 3 Educations in the 18th Century (Quest I)
    • History 215 Charity and Memory, 1066-1935 (Quest III)
    • History 315 History Methods and Writing
    • History 339 Public History
    • History 361 Colonial North America
    • History 363 American Indian History
    • History 364 The Early American Republic, 1787-1828
    • History 411 (American History Senior Seminar) Reading American Newspapers, 1740-1840


    Research Interests

    • Colonial North America and the United States in the Early Republic
    • Social, Cultural, and Political history of poverty
    • Paupers, the recipients of public assistance
    • Moral questions and Reform movements in American history
    • "Town Fathers" in the late colonial and early republic periods: the men, such as town councilmen or overseers of the poor, who governed their neighbors more completely than any king, president, legislature or Supreme Court


    Current Book Project

    Five Lives Shaped by the Poor Law: Stories of Welfare in the Early Republic


    Online Writing and Speaking

  • My thoughts on teaching Charity and Memory, 1066-1935, as well as on my Spring 2013 Fulbright Teaching Award in Hungary can be found at my blog:
  • A colleague's interview of me about Five Lives Shaped by the Poor Law
  • Guest Blog Posts:
  • .... on the History of American Welfare
  • .... on Public History in Hungary
  • .... on History Majors and the Job Market
  • .... on native history and the history of capitalism at the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic 2014 meeting.
  • Book Reviews:
  • ....  of Howard, Homeless: Poverty and Place in America (2013)
  • .... of Appleby, The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism (2010)
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