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Student Awards

The department of history rewards excellence with four student awards:

The awards, which include a certificate and a monetary sum, are announced in the spring and presented at the University awards ceremony.

Students can also be inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, the history honors society. The list of students who were admitted are found here.


Barbara Donner Monteith Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Barbara Donner-Monteith joined UW Oshkosh faculty in 1926 and was head of the history department. She retired in 1956. She died at the age of 82 in 1974.

This award honors her memory of Dr. Donner-Monteith. It was established to recognize scholarship in history at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. It is presented annually to an outstanding member of the junior class who is majoring in history.

2013/14 Cory Vander Heiden
2012/13 Krista Busse
2011/12 Kyle J. Moerchen
2010/11 David M. Rice
2009/10 Fletcher Marron
2008/09 Jared R. Stroik
2007/08 James L. Morgan and Michael W. Morrissey
2006/07 Cheryl K. Davis
2005/06 Aaron T. Vandermause
2004/05 Gottfried A. Haas
2003/04 Andrew T. Osborne
2002/03 Nathan J. Hazen and Gwen C. Verkuilen
2001/02 Julie B. Kellesvig and Ryan W. Marthaler
2000/01 Ryan C. Farnsworth and Jessica A. Sawinski
1999/00 Monica M. Newberry
1998/99 Stuart Dornfeld
1997/98 Kevin Perrine
1996/97 Sheri Bodoh and Philip Lont
1995/96 Billie Craig and Mathew Aslakson
1994/95 Julie Vanalstine and Scott Blader
1993/94 Annette Resop and Katherine Frasheski
1992/93 Kathryn Brasier and Melanie Krause
1991/92 Brenda Freeman and Mark Poeschl
1990/91 Thomas Rice and Karen Woelfel
1989/90 Michelle Jensen and Tad Mandeik
1988/89 Diane Conrad and Michael Fearing
1987/88 Andrea Olson and Mark Robinson
1986/87 Lori Krueger and Heidi Vowels
1979/80 Marla M. Knuettel and Bruce R. Winchester
1977/78 Mary T. Griedl
1977/78 Robert F. Brux


C. Kevin Hasson History Scholarship

C. Kevin Hasson received his Master of Arts Degree in history from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1985. He was born in 1954 and died of cancer in 1987. A memorial was established by the history department in his name.

It was established to recognize research and writing that contribute to the history discipline. Qualifications include: history major, junior or senior standing, a GPA above 3.75, and "determination to continue the search for historical truth as a teacher, scholar professional, or enlightened citizen."

2013/14 Alexandra Rugger
2012/13 Anna Lukyanova
2011/12 Tracy M. Wilichowski
2010/11 Emily r. Mittelman
2009/10 Jean M. Westerhaus
2008/09 Kelli C. Nugent
2007/08 Craig T. Lakatos
2006/07 Sara Y. Al-Bitar
2005/06 Erik D. Marker
2004/05 Heather E. Freund
2003/04 Kelly L. Bezio
2002/03 Ryan W. Marthaler
2001/02 Deanna M. Bahti
2000/01 Chris W. Roelke
1997/98 Philip Lont
1996/97 Kevin Perrine
1995/96 Aaron Palmer
1993/94 Reed Swick
1992/93 Daniel Winski
1991/92 Anthony Rominske
1990/91 Diane Sweger
1989/90 Brian Gerber
1988/89 Maggie Kam Mei Kee


Mary Susan Sieber Memorial Award

This award is presented by Dr. And Mrs. George W. Sieber and friends in memory of their daughter who completed two years of classes at UWO and died in an automobile accident in 1989. It was established to encourage students to continue their university education, once begun.

It is awarded to undergraduate history majors or minors who have registered or affirm their intention to register at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for the following Fall semester.

2001/02 Becky L. Fromfeld
2000/01 Leila B. Holton
1999/00 Kyle A. Nabilcy
1998/99 Paula Henke
1997/98 Travis Pamenter
1996/97 Aaron Palmer
1995/96 Christopher Gray
1994/95 Derek Sanford
1993/94 Paul Stellpflug and Todd Lynnwood
1992/93 Reed Swick
1991/92 Kathryn Brasier
1990/91 Brenda Freeman
1989/90 Jeffrey Reindl
1988/89 Craig Ellenbecker


Braatz-Starr Award

Dr. Werner Braatz and Dr. Joseph Starr were two long-time faculty members of the history department at UW Oshkosh.

This award honors the academic achievement of a senior history major.

2013/14 Patrick McCorkle
2012/13 Austin Frederick
2011/12 Ross M. Bartelt
2010/11 Sara J. Willkomm
2008/09 Anthony D. Piestch
2007/08 Aaron J. Huebner
2006/07 Linsey E. Keller
2005/06 Katie J. Miskowiak
2004/05 Michael S. Wehrley
2003/04 Becky L. Fromfeld and Sarah A. Lewandowski
2002/03 Christopher G. Tanner
2001/02 Wyatt F. Jones
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