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At UW Oshkosh, you will have at least 3 advisers dedicated to helping you reach your academic and career goals.  These advisers will be:

1. From the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC)

2. From the department that hosts your chosen major

3. From Career Services

Healthcare-interested students may even have a 4th adviser, in the form of a faculty member who specializes in certain "PreHealth" student needs.  Here is a current listing:

  • PreVet: Dr. Colleen McDermott, DVM, PhD (College of Letters & Science Dean's Office)
  • PrePT: Dr. Leigh Ann Mrotek, PhD (Kinesiology)
  • ALL remaining "PreHealth: Dr. Dana Merriman, PhD (Biology)

Advisers are wonderful resources, but decades of experience show that the students who ultimately succeed in healthcare careers are those who use advisers as "training wheels".  Instead of relying on your adviser for everything during your 4 years of college, develop yourself into your own best expert.  That is a hallmark of a successful professional.


Upon admission, an Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) adviser will assist you with your first semester’s registration. This person’s name will appear on your STAR, or record of your progress toward a degree. A STAR will be created for you even if you have not declared a major.

Your UARC adviser is experienced in helping new students get their feet on the ground, but should not be expected to guide you through a major.

Also available to you at the UARC are Peer Advising Liaisons (PALS). These are your fellow students who know the ropes.

Once you have declared a major and completed a couple of entry-level courses in it, a faculty adviser in your major department will become your academic adviser. Depending on your department’s policy, this faculty member will either be automatically assigned to you or else you must make a request to the department for an assignment. Your faculty adviser’s name will replace your UARC adviser’s name on your STAR.

If you ever change your major back to “undeclared,” you will revert back to your UARC adviser.

Career Services

Once you are on campus in person, a career adviser at the Career Services Office will assist you in career exploration. You must make an appointment, as a career adviser is not automatically assigned to you.


Many healthcare-interested students get advice from practicing professionals whom  they “job shadow". These professionals are wonderful resources, but please use some caution. A person who graduated from a healthcare professional school 10 or more years ago will not necessarily know today’s admissions requirements.  Their recommendations  could inadvertently give you outdated advice.


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