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Healthcare Advising at UW Oshkosh

If you are considering a career in healthcare, even if you are not certain UW Oshkosh is your college destination, we invite you to learn about pre-professional healthcare degrees we offer.

There are MANY healthcare careers today and new ones are created every few years as medicine advances.

UW Oshkosh’s four colleges each offer distinct educational pathways into a variety of healthcare careers.

Some careers require just a bachelor’s degree, while others require a master's degree or doctoral degree -- plus post-doctoral education. For students intending master's or doctoral level education (e.g. in dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, veterinary medicine), a college education culminating in a bachelor's degree is a necessary stepping stone to graduate study elsewhere.

Essentially all healthcare careers require continuing education throughout one’s professional life. Thus, the habits of mind that you make in college will last you a lifetime in a healthcare career.

Individualized advising for pre-health students

Students who must go on to graduate school after UW Oshkosh to attain practice licensure are known collectively as “pre-health” students during college.  Students going on to graduate school require individualized advising beyond a few basics, because they must satisfy the academic requirements not only of UW Oshkosh, but also of the graduate school.  They must compete for admission to the graduate school with admission rates that typically range from 1:10 to 1:40.

Once you are enrolled at UW Oshkosh, you may sign in to our system for “advanced” advising, some of which will be delivered online and some of which will be delivered face-to-face.

Campus clubs for healthcare-interested students

Student clubs on campus offer invaluable support and advice, plus the chance to participate in co-curricular activities.  Some clubs are "officially" organized while others are not; but both kinds of clubs are legitimate.

"Officially" organized clubs are joined via "TitanLinks" (not OrgSync any longer). Click here to go to the TitanLinks sign-in page, then click on "Organizations" to search through UW Oshkosh's many student clubs.  PreMed and PrePharm clubs are found under the letter "P".  PrePT students join the Kinesiology Club.

Other clubs are "unofficial", so they don't appear on TitanLinks.  These include the PreVet and PreDent clubs.

ALL pre-health clubs advertise their activities the old-fashioned way, using posters taped to the walls of 1st and 2nd floor of Halsey Science Center's North wing in designated bulletin board areas (e.g. near the Main Biology Office, Halsey 142).

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