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Early Childhood

Early childhood development & education services

The education component blends together guidelines from Head Start Performance Standards, State of Wisconsin rules for Group Day Care and the Active Learning Philosophy of the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation for Young Children.

Preschool-aged children ages 3, 4 and 5 are engaged in one of several options most appropriate for their development.  Each option provides opportunities for stories, music, poetry, beginning social studies, math, science and language development. 

All activities are geared to the developmental level of the child and include individualized lessons in the area of a child’s special needs or interests. There are always a variety of quiet activities, active play, directed activities, child initiated activities and in the classroom options, small and large group activities.  Care is taken that all activities reinforce ethnic backgrounds and seek to be non-sexist.

Program Options

Classroom Program

UW Oshkosh Head Start offers several options for children enrolling in the classroom program:

  1. Half Day Session:  This is a three and a half hour day program offered Monday through Thursday in either the morning or afternoon at one of 10 UW Oshkosh Head Start sites.
  2. Extended Day Session:  This is a six hour, four day per week program offered at one of 10 UW Oshkosh Head Start sites.
  3. 4K or Pre-Kindergarten:  This is an extended day program that provides both a Head Start teacher as well as a public school teacher and offers enhanced services to Head Start eligible children.  Currently all public school collaborations are held at Head Start sites.
  4. Child Care Collaborations:  This is an extended day program that meets family’s needs for full day child care and eliminates the transition from the Head Start program site to the child care site.  Enrolled children receive both child care and Head Start in their child care setting.

Home Based Program

The home based program option offers all the services the classroom program provides and meets all of the appropriate program performance standards.  

A home visitor meets with the enrolled family one and a half hours per week in their home and works with the parent(s) on the goals that the parent has developed.   Group socialization, with a meal, is offered for the family two times per month during the school year.

 To accommodate parent’s desires for in-home programming for their child, the home based program option:

  1. Serves those families whose child is unable to be in the classroom program for an identified/appropriate reason.
  2. Teaches parents to teach their children.
  3. Better serves families living in the rural areas of the counties served.
  4. Serves parents who are referred for parenting training.
  5. Accommodates families outside the transportation area.

The Home Based program is currently using an adapted version of the High/Scope Key Experiences and is exploring the use of parents as teachers, commonly used in other high-quality home based programs.


Combination Program:

The combination program allows enrolled children to participate in a half day classroom experience twice a week and are visited in their homes twice each month.  This option is only available at the St. B’s site in Appleton.

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