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Handbook, Components & Forms

Download the entire Faculty Development Fund Handbook in PDF format. You can then view or print individual sections of the Handbook as needed.

Components of the Faculty Development Fund

The Handbook

Forms and Handbook Appendices

Appendix  Form link
Appendix A: Cover Sheet Instructions PDF
Appendix B: Cover Sheet Form  PDF
Appendix C: Teaching and Research Panelist Data Sheet  PDF 
Appendix D: Teaching Component Evaluation Form PDF
Appendix E: Research Component Evaluation Form PDF
Appendix F: Faculty College Application and Budget Form  PDF
Appendix G: Off-Campus Evaluation Form PDF
Appendix H: Small Grant Component Application Form  PDF
Appendix I: Sabbatical Evaluation Form  PDF
Appendix J: Individually Planned Program Evaluation Form PDF
Appendix K: Institutional Needs Evaluation Form   PDF
Appendix L: Final Report Instructions  PDF
Appendix M: Final Report Abstract Form  PDF
Appendix N: Final Report Evaluation Form  PDF
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Updates & Deadlines


Faculty Development Proposal Deadlines


Here are the Faculty Development Proposal Deadlines:

9/9/16: Sabbatical proposals due to Dean's Office

9/14/16: Sabbatical proposals due to Office of Grants and Faculty Development (OGFD)

10/19/16: Faculty Development Fund Research and Teaching proposals due to OGFD for pre-reading


12/1/16: Research and Teaching proposals due to Dean Offices


12/5/16: Research and Teaching proposals due to OGFD



Academic Staff Component Suspended until further notice