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Information about grant and research project reporting including grant program reports, effort reporting and financial reporting.

As the primary investigator (PI), it is your responsibility to file all program reports required by the funding agency, including the Final Report for any Faculty Development Fund Programs. Copies of the reports must be forwarded to the Office of Grants and Faculty Development. You do not need to send copies to your grant accountant.

Financial Reports

All financial reports must be completed by your grant accountant. This is essential in order to ensure uniform reporting for audit purposes. If you receive any financial forms, or information regarding the filing of such reports, forward them immediately to your grant accountant. In many cases you will be the only one to receive such documents.

These forms must be signed by our authorized university representative, Tom Sonnleitner, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. Your grant accountant will obtain the signature and send the form to the funding agency on a timely basis.

When financial reports are filed, funding agencies reimburse us for grant expenditures. Failure to file timely reports will result in no reimbursement.

Effort Reporting

When the federal government sponsors a project, an effort report is required documentation of how time is spent on a research project. You will receive forms for certifying your time and effort from your grants accountant, usually once a semester or once a year.

Grant Closeout Reporting

At the conclusion of a sponsored agreement, the terms of the award generally require that a written final technical or progress report and a report of expenditures be submitted to the sponsor within a specified period of time. These reports are generally viewed as the University’s fundamental obligation to the sponsor. For private grants and contracts, refer to the agency terms and conditions for appropriate reporting requirements.

For federal awards, Circular A-110 lists the following requirements:

Technical Reporting

Unless otherwise indicated, “final performance reports are due 90 calendar days after the expiration or termination of the award.” When required, performance reports shall generally contain, for each award, brief information on each of the following:

  1. A comparison of actual accomplishments with the goals and objectives established for the period, the findings of the investigator, or both. Whenever appropriate and the output of programs or projects can be readily quantified, such quantitative data should be related to cost data for computation of unit costs.

  2. Reasons why established goals were not met, if appropriate.

  3. Other pertinent information including, when appropriate, analysis and explanation of cost overruns or high unit costs.

The PI is responsible for preparing and submitting the report. A dated copy of the report or letter of transmittal should be sent to the Office of Grants and Faculty Development.

Financial Reporting

The Financial Status Report is prepared by the grants accountant. The person preparing the report consults with the appropriate administrator regarding any outstanding charges, unliquidated obligations, etc.

At the end of the grant, we must review to make sure that:

  • All expenses have been incurred and paid and charged to the grant account.

  • All revenues have been received and deposited in the grant account.

  • All salary distributions have been made.

  • All required reports, financial and programmatic, have been filed.

  • All Certification of Effort forms have been signed for federal grants.

Some funding agencies will provide closeout documents and explicit instructions. If you do not have these, consult us for guidance.

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